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Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire
Salary: £25000 – £30000 per annum
Company: Elderly Care Services Limited
Job Type: Permanent
Job Title: Domiciliary Care Manager

Elderly Care Services Ltd is a new domiciliary care agency serving all of the Yorkshire regions. We are seeking to appoint a dynamic Care Manager to start work as soon as possible. The successful candidate should be an experienced manager in the domiciliary care sector having held or currently holding a position as a manager or deputy manager and qualified to NVQ4, RMA, or equivalent.

You will be responsible for the efficient running of the business. You will need to be confident and competent in running a new business. As the care manager, you will be required to be the face of the company. This is an excellent opportunity to really make your mark on the business, assisting in building it from its inception. You will be aware that this is a competitive marketplace and you will need to have strong managerial skills to drive your team and build the business to the level expected.

You must have a minimum of 2 years domiciliary care management experience, be a registered manager and able to lead the business from the front, selling new services to local clients. You will have strong leadership skills, and be experienced in managing the performance and development of staff, including recruitment and selection process in line with the company’s needs. You will be responsible for the legal and ethical running of the business and work within budgets to ensure profitability of the business.

JOB TITLE : Care Manager ( Registered Manager under CQC)


SUMMARY OF POST : Responsible for the efficient running of the care side of the business, overseeing and being involved with the business and finances, managing the admin team and the care workers, dealing with customers their families and dealing with other official individuals some of which are PCTs, DN, GPs , CQC and Social Services amongst others

JOB DESCRIPTION: Accountable to the director of the business. Responsibility for the legal and ethical running of the business. To recruit and manage the appropriate number and calibre of carers required for the business levels. Ultimate responsibility for all staff. Preparing information for payroll. To work within agreed budgets to ensure profitability of business. To ensure successful operation of quality control systems. Implementation of complaints procedure. Preparation of Management Reports for bank and directors use.
To participate in the growth and development of the business, locally and regionally through various marketing exercises. Preparation of all invoices. Achievement of sales targets and delivery within budgets.

Essential – Management experience in the service provision of care in the domiciliary environment • Staff management including interviewing, disciplining • NVQ4, RMA in care or equivalent qualification as minimum requirement• Measurable knowledge or certificate in Risk Assessments, Health and Safety and Manual Handling • Experience of Business Management • Sales experience in the Care industry and networking abilities •
Desirable – Knowledge of Staff Plan/ Rostering and Sage • A sense of humour
Key Competencies:
 To plan, allocate and evaluate the workload of all staff.
 To develop and maintain the quality control system.
 To have a full knowledge of the Care Standards regulations.
 To understand and implement legislation and regulations relevant to user groups and the business as a whole •
 To allocate, monitor and control financial resources.
 To create and maintain administrative systems.
 To recruit, select and effectively supervise a dispersed workforce.
 To implement induction programmes, and to identify and provide for on-going training needs.
 To establish and maintain effective working relationships.
 To develop and maintain good assessment and review procedures which become the foundation for appropriate care plans.
 To ensure that appropriate kinds of intervention take place to meet the user’s needs and rights.
 To liaise with other agencies involved with the user to ensure the provision of integrated services.
 To have an excellent working knowledge of Health and Safety and all other legal aspects.
Special Skills and Attributes:
 Excellent communication skills
 Ability to work to ever changing deadlines
 Ability to work under pressure to be able to deal with issues and stay positive and focused
 Excellent planning and organisational skills
 Experience of financial management
 Sound understanding of safe care principles
 Knowledge in all relevant assessment and care planning
 Negotiating skills Ability to cope under and with pressure
 Even-tempered and patient
 Ability to cope with change
 Ability to display empathy and warmth-
 a sincere wish to do well by customer and carers
 A good role model and teacher for the care team
Circumstances – Must declare all criminal convictions at the point of application
Additional Requirement – Must have full driving licence. Must own a car and be fully insured


Job Title: Domiciliary Care Worker

Accountable To: Domiciliary Care Services Manager

Wage: £7.50 – £8.50 PER HOUR


Location: Yorkshire & Humberside

Duration: Permanent/Temporary

Date posted: 03 July 2012

Description: To provide care and assistance to adults to enable them to remain in their own home and lead as independent a lifestyle as possible. Care duties will include assisting service users with the following activities: personal care, healthcare, dietary care, domestic/household services and personal services. In so doing the carer will at all times observe and respect the service user’s dignity, privacy and independence as far as practical and have a passion for providing high quality care.
Qualification and Experience: NVQ Level 2 Health and Social Care. Have an understanding of the relevant health and safety legislation for Movement and Handling. Complete NVQ 2 within 2years of course commencement if not qualified.
How to apply
You can apply for this job by telephoning 0113 322 6580 and asking for the care manager or send C.V. to or by application.

Detailed Job Description:

Reports to: Care Manager

Summary of Post

The role of care worker has many aspects and this document sets out the principal functions of the job. It is not an exhaustive list of the tasks involved, they will vary from one customer to another, but instead it is intended to be a guide to the type of work involved.

Job Description

It is important that all employees of the company follow the rules and policies and procedures as laid out in the staff handbook and in the ‘policies and procedures’ book which kept in the office and available for any care worker to use.

The role of the care worker is to perform duties and tasks to facilitate our customers to live at home in a safe secure and comfortable way.


It is sometimes difficult to generalise about what the role of a care worker is. The best way of summing it up is that we might perform the tasks carried out by a close friend or relative but in a trained, professional and knowledgeable way.

In order to do this successfully the care worker must be aware of the needs and requirements of the customer and must communicate successfully not only with the customer but also with other stakeholders such as family, friends and other healthcare professionals. The care worker also has a responsibility to alert the supervisor (or their representative) of any changes or causes for concern in the customer’s condition.

There will be specific tasks identified for a particular customer. These may include cooking and/or preparing meals and possibly assistance with feeding. Housekeeping and laundry as well as personal care may also be part of the role.

The care worker will be briefed before undertaking any assignment with the specific tasks involved but in every case it is incumbent upon the care worker to carry out the work in a safe and professional way and to adhere to the specific instructions as well as the policies and procedures of the company.

Care workers are frequently the only people that a customer may see on a daily basis and clearly there is a responsibility to report any relevant information back to the supervisor. It is not the role of the care worker to become involved in notifying family, friends or relatives of changes. This will be carried out by the Elderly Care Services admin team, based on the advice received from the care worker. The care worker does not have responsibility for staff. It should be clearly understood that the role requires a great deal, sometimes both in physical and emotional ways, and also carries a weight of responsibility.

Anyone who does not genuinely care about the welfare of other people will not be suitable for this job.

The permanent equipment provided by Elderly Care Services such as uniform, identity badge and any other equipment required to carry out the role, are the responsibility of the care worker as is making sure that consumables such as disposable gloves and aprons are available and not in short supply.

Whilst the supply and upkeep of any equipment such as wheelchairs and hoists are not the responsibility of elderly Care Services or its employees, it is expected that causes for concern with any of such items would be passed by the care worker to the supervisor.

By its nature domiciliary care requires care workers to travel from place to place. Care workers must therefore have the ability to do this, either by public transport or by their own means.

A thorough training programme is applicable to every member of the Elderly Care Services team. This constitutes both initial and ongoing training and is a requirement of all staff. Every member of staff will be required to apply for, and achieve, a satisfactory Criminal Records Bureau check.

Job Specification


  1. Genuine care for others
  2. Good communication skills
  3. Ability to understand what the role entails
  4. Ability to follow instructions


  1. Experience in care provision
  2. Own transport
  3. Flexible availability

Key Competencies

  1. To be able to attend all customer calls
  2. To understand the importance of such calls
  3. To be able to cope with emergency and difficult situations
  4. To be able to communicate with other people
  5. To be able to maintain high standards of care provision


(The role may involve some or all of the following. This is not intended as a complete list and is supplied for information only)

  • Assist customers to get up, dressing and preparing them for their day
  • Washing, bathing, showering, oral care, grooming.
  • Toileting, assisting with use of commode, emptying commode.
  • Continence management
  • Using manual handling equipment as specified.
  • Working with other care professionals such as District Nurses, GPs, etc.
  • Assisting with prescribed medication
  • Assist customers to go to bed, including undressing and washing
  • Preparation of meals and assistance with feeding
  • General household duties
  • Bed making and laundry
  • Shopping and supplies management
  • To keep accurate records of care visits.