Aids and Adaptations

Specialist Home Services for the Disabled and the Elderly

Aids and Adaptations


Loss of mobility and balance can make it difficult to shower, wash and bathe or to use the toilet. However, there’s a range of equipment and adaptations that may help such as:

  • a battery powered bath lift with a seat or platform that can be lowered to support your weight as you get into the bath and raised to help you get out
  • a bath with a side opening so you can get in and out without having to climb over the side
  • a ‘wet room’ or level-access shower
  • a wall-mounted sink set at the right height for someone who is using a wheelchair or a mobile shower seat
  • a special safety plug that only allows water to reach a certain level
  • a flood detector that alerts a monitoring centre (Telecare) if the bath or sink starts to overflow
  • a ‘hands-free’ toilet with an automatic washing and drying function while you are still seated.

Walk-in Showers

Disabled Shower - Elderly Care Service Ltd


A Walk-in shower (or level access shower) is essentially the same as a Wet room. The term Walk-in shower simply refers to the point that there is no step up, or step into the shower as is normally found with a white plastic shower tray for example. You simply ‘walk in’ to the showering area.

Modern technology and waterproofing now mean that Level access walk-in showers can be installed in most homes without fear of leakage if care is taken and instructions are followed.

A walk-in shower is easy to clean and maintain and can really enhance the look of any bathroom.

Walk-in showers are extremely popular with people who suffer from mobility issues as no step up is required, thus making access much easier and reducing the risk of a slip.

At Elderly Care Service Ltd, we specialise in the design, supply, installation and refurbishment of a number of Walk-in showers suitable for wooden or concrete floors to create level access Walk-in showers. This also includes all aspects of construction, plumbing, precision tiling, lighting and air extraction, all within your budget.


Walk-in Baths



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